Inspire Kids Montessori vs. Mainstream

Inspire Kids Montessori


  • Focus on total child development that promotes cognitive, social, physical and academic growth.
  • Programs that are self-paced and individualized based on your child’s ability.
  • Curriculum that is well-balanced in language (including reading and writing), math, science, social studies and art.
  • Accelerated programs that are offered for gifted children.
  • Enrichment programs in Music & Movements are included.
  • Lead Teachers have extensive experience in working with children and Montessori certifications.
  • Parents are involved and committed to helping their children succeed.
  • Facility is clean, beautiful, and equipped with top safety features.
  • Outdoor environment is fun, spacious with nature-themed playgrounds and a school garden.

Our Campuses


Ahwatukee (Mountainside Campus)

Phone: 123-456-7890

South Chandler (Layton Lake Campus)

Phone: 123-456-7890


Mainstream Centers

  • Emphasis on social development
  • Group and individual instruction
  • Abstract lessons are introduced with none or few concrete demonstrations.
  • Less emphasis on self-care instruction
  • Teacher relays information
  • Teacher is the center of the environment.
  • If error is corrected, it is done so by the teacher.
  • Learning is reinforced by repetition and rewards.
  • Lessons not individualized & introduced without consideration of individual readiness
  • Instruction pace set by group norms
  • Fewer materials for sensory development
  • Traditional assessment is according to standardized norms.

Our Montessori Programs


Your child’s first years in life are a critical time that can determine his/her success in school and future relationships, and build his/her independence that will last for a lifetime. The Inspire Kids Montessori Infant Programs start from the age of six weeks until the age of 12 months, and the ratio of children to adult is five to one.

At IKM we strive to provide the best program to meet your child’s needs and celebrate his/her success in every stage of life. The toddler program is the next exciting stage of your child’s life.

IKM’s primary childcare program is carefully structured in a three year cycle to respond to the specific needs of the young child who is prepared to learn about how to live in, and understand the real world. We provide quality and nurturing Montessori care to foster the development of the individual child through classrooms with multi-age children and activities that encourage practical living skills, good work habits, academic explorations using concrete materials, and opportunities for positive socialization.

The three-year cycle is an essential part of Montessori education. Children stay in the same Primary room with the same teacher and group of children for 3 years, which promotes a wonderful sense of community and belonging. During this cycle, children experience different roles, responsibilities, and perspectives. Each year, children become more independent, leading up to their 3rd year (Kindergarten) where they have the unique opportunity to be community leaders and role models.



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